Dear Jackie,

20140322-205545.jpgAlmost six months have gone by and you are still in the fight for your life, struggling every day to complete tasks we all take for granted and do naturally. It has not become easier to adjust to life without you here in the present – telling stories and making visits with fun photos from a summer full of friends, laughter and love. It has been very hard to stay afloat in all of the emotions and this is only from your sister’s side of things who isn’t living within it the way you are.

Everyone says it will get better, it will get easier, things will go back to normal and I want to believe that is true. But the truth is nothing will ever be the same. Everything changed. Everything is different and this, right now, is our new normal. Yes, you will get better and you will keep getting stronger and stronger to the point of walking and hopefully running again. But pretending like this situation doesn’t suck and that it’s easy or on the straight track to being back to the way it was would just be foolish.

You are in a rut right now and trying to dig your car out of the pothole that has come up from nowhere. Just keep thinking about the goal of being home. Think of how nice it will be to sleep in your own bed and hold on to that moment in time. That will get you where you need to go for now and we will help you along the rest of the way. I know you will get better and that no matter how much of you gets better, or how long it takes to get out of this spot, you will never go a day without being loved. You are a hero to more people than you know and keep so many of us from taking for granted this beautiful life.

Keep fighting and we’ll keep pushing through with you. It doesn’t matter that everything is different because you are still here with us. You made it here, to this point. And Jackie, my goodness that is one hell of an accomplishment and something you should be proud of.

Love you lots,